Osage Moons

Month Osage Moons Meaning Corresponding Hocąk Moons
January Hóⁿbastsedse Moon of the Long Days -
February Míukoⁿdsi Solitary Moon -
March Miúk'oⁿdsi thiⁿge Idle Days -
April Íwabi Planting Moon Moinkewira (Planting Time), about May
Waábi Preparing the Ground for Planting Moon Mąįna'ųwira (Earth Cultivating Month), June
May Hiúwathixthaxtha zhudsa bi Moon when the Sensitive Rose becomes Red in Bloom -
Xthçka zhiⁿga tsethe Killer of Flowers -
June Tsedo ga Moⁿnoⁿxa bi Moon when the Buffalo Bulls Rut -
Tsétoga gishiⁿ bi Moon when the Buffalo Bulls Regain Fat -
July Tsekíthexa bi Moon when the Buffalo Rut -
August Xthaçibi Yellow Flowers Moon -
September Toⁿmi pahoⁿgthe kshe First Moon of Autumn -
Xthaçibthogaçi All Yellow Flowers Blossom -
Tabiçpabi Does Crouch to Hide Moon -
October Tákithixabi Deer Rutting Moon Cakiruxewira (The Month of the Deer Running), about October
November Tahébaxoⁿbi Moon when the Deer Shed Their Horns Cahewakcunwira (Deer Horn Season, when the deer shed their horns), about November
Mikákithixa bi Moon when the Raccoons Rut Wakékirúxewirá (Raccoon Mating Month), March
December Waçábe wedatha bi Moon when the Black Bear Gives Birth to Its Young Hųcwira (Bear Season or Month — when the young she bears have their young), about December


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