White Bear (Hųcskaga)

by Richard L. Dieterle

Spirit Bear

White Bear was Earthmaker's first and greatest creation. He was created not only as a Bear Spirit, but as the North Wind. He was placed in the north quadrant as an Island Weight to bring stability to the primeval earth which spun out of control when it was first created. Because of his priority, White Bear controls this earth and is the source of all knowledge and inspiration. His pure white fur symbolically expresses his special powers of life energy.1 As first in the zoological world, White Bear's spirit makes his subclan the leaders in all matters brought before the Bear Clan as a whole. Therefore too, the Bear Chief is usually drawn from the White Bear Subclan.2

Comparative Material. Among the Cherokee, the chief of the bears is White Bear. Wounded bears go to be cured of their injuries where he lives.3

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Polar Bear

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