Waterspirit Clan Origin Myth

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

In former times the chief of the Lower Moiety was chosen from the Waterspirit Clan.1 All the names of individuals in the Waterspirit Clan are said to contain a syllable that connotes chieftainship.2 These are names given to people in the Waterspirit Clan:3

Cašjąga, Cašcąka Wave (F, L)
Hapáxkuziga [meaning unkown] (L)
Hé-adažąžąk'a Shining Horns (F, R)
Hejópga Four Horned (F, R)
Hežipga Short Horn
Henųpga Two Horns (F, R, cf. L)
Hep'įga Good Horn
Hep'į́wįga Handsome Horn Woman (F, R)
Hesacąk'a Five Horned
Hip'ahiga Sharp Tooth
Kenáxka Mud Turtle (F) [clan uncertain]
Késuckéka Red (Striped) Turtle (F) [clan uncertain]
Kecąk'a Turtle [clan uncertain]
Kewáxkuwįga Female Toad (F) [clan uncertain]
Mąk'ąožúga Planter of Medicines (F, R)
Mąkaxga Earth (L)
Mąk'ąhoją́pga He who Looks at Medicines (F, R)
Mąįsinip'įwįga Good Cold Spring Woman (F, R)
Mąžíwįga Yellow-Red Earth (iron deposits of springs) (F, R)
Mąnųp'ága Second Earth (the underworld where the Waterspirit dwells) (F, R)
Mocįwįga Noise Made in the Earth (F)
Ni-ašgácewįga She who Plays on the Water (F, R)
Ni-amániwįga She who Walks on the Water (F, R)
Ni-ąp'įwįga She who Makes Water Good (F, R)
Ni-ątágewįga Still Water Woman (F, R)
Nišánaga Stream (F, R)
Nijobega Four Streams
Nihúga He who Discharges Water (as from a spring) (F, R)
Ni-otąp(e)wįga She who Jumps into the Water (F, R)
Niwak'icąga Selects (?) Water
Puzákexátega Big Sand Bar (F) [clan uncertain]
Rabawįga Beaverskin Woman
Rabewįga, Ráp-hiwįga Beaver Woman (F, R)
Tecópewįga Four Lakes Woman (F)
Tošąnąkskága White Otter (F)
Tošanakxonunįka Little Otter (L)
Wajxetega Big Boat
Wakjéxišišik'a Bad Waterspirit (F, R)
Wakjéxišucga Red Waterspirit (L)
Wakjéxihųga Waterspirit Chief (F, R)
Wakjeximaniga Walking Waterspirit
Wakjexip'įga Good Waterspirit (F, R)
Wakjexisąwįga Pale Waterspirit Woman
Wákiaskága Round White Shell (F) [clan uncertain]
Wakcexíga Waterspirit (F)
Wakcéximániwįga Walking Waterspirit Woman (F)
Wakcéxicóga Blue (or Green) Waterspirit (F)
Wakcéxiwįga Waterspirit Woman (F)
Wasémak'ąwįga Medicine Paint (or Vermillion) Woman (F) (see Bear Clan name)
Wįcwákewįga Little Muskrat (F)

Water is the sacred possession of the Waterspirit Clan, and it is considered insulting for someone outside the clan to look into a water jar within one of their lodges. It is said that the function of the Waterspirit Clan was to protect the people's water supply.4 The clan was consulted on any matter pertaining to water, just as the Thunderbird Clan was consulted on matters pertaining to things of the air, and the Bear Clan to things of the earth.5 In the spring and fall they hold a Waterspirit Feast of cracked corn in which clan members are always the first to eat. When a clansman dies, a blue spot is put upon his forehead to identify him as a Waterspirit clansman, then members of the Thunderbird Clan bury his body.6

BAE 37: 248
The Funereal Face Paint
of the Waterspirit Clan

Only a short version of the origin story of this clan is generally known:

The first to arrive at Red Banks were the bird clans. They alighted upon an oak and thereupon became human. Then it was time for the Waterspirit Clan to be founded, and the waters of Within Lake (Te Rok) began to slowly swirl. As the water whirled a bit faster, all the bad things that live within the waters began to appear in the lake. As the churning became a whirlpool, red hot embers were ejected to the surface. Finally, there emerged a great white Waterspirit whose horns curled towards one another, and the waters were stilled. This Waterspirit transformed himself into a human being. All those gathered there said, "At last we have found the chief we have been waiting for. Now we can divide ourselves into groups." They all headed for the lodge of the Thunderbird Clan, and there in council they divided one another into clans and gave themselves names.7

Commentary. "Red Banks" — Red Banks is on Green Bay in Wisconsin.

"Within Lake (Te Rok)" — Within Lake just is Green Bay, since this bay is a lake within a lake (Lake Michigan).

"finally, there emerged" — the creative process of the Waterspirits is often the inverse of that of Earthmaker, proceeding from bottom to top, with rising fire rather than falling tears being the element intimately associated with the Waterspirit.

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