Traveler (Hikiwárekega)

by Richard L. Dieterle

Traveler is a famous Waterspirit, the son of the youngest of the four great Island Weights. His father, who was chief of the Waterspirits, ruled from Long Lake (Pigs Eye Lake?) downstream from St. Paul, Minnesota. He was originally called "Chief's Child," but later won the name "Traveler" from his many journeys around and under the earth.1 He saved the Waterspirit race from extinction by meeting a Thunderbird prince in single combat. In one version he shot him down with a rainbow, yet it was only by the aid of a human whom he had blessed, that was able to triumph over his opponent.2 After his victory he was able to gain charge over the whole earth. He went to live at Devils Lake (Te Wákącąk, "Holy Lake"), a lake with no bottom, said to be "a window for the earth."3 Others say that once the human shot the Thunderbird, Traveler was able to capture him. They made peace with the Thunderbirds by allowing the captive to marry the daughter of their chief and in exchange for the Thunders sparing the life of their chief, they made them a hinŭ́kwagu offering ("to dip for women"). The offspring of this marriage between opposites was a merman once seen from time to time at Devil's Lake.4

On one occasion he assumed human form in order to be strengthened by fasting. With the help of Turtle he obtained a human princess for his wife whom he took to his father's spirit village to live.5

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