Hočąk Syllabic Text — It is Good to Die in War

narrated by Jasper Blowsnake

Winnebago V, #12: 18

Radin's Translation

It is good to die in war. If you die in war, your soul will not become unconscious. Your soul will do much as it pleases. Your soul will be happy. Again, if you choose, you can come back to life as a human being, and so it will be. You may live successive lives. Or else again, if you try to live as one of Those Who Walk upon the Light, it will be. Or else, if you try to live as an animal upon the earth, you can do it. Thus it is if you die in war.

p. 17 —
wo n xi Le tt. tee L liAi n. wo n xi Le tt. dtte Ki.
Wonąǧireja t’era piną. Wonaǧireja šjégi,
In war to die it is good. In war if you die,



p. 18 —
n xi L KL. A Ke wo ni w Kini Ktt ne n. n xi L KL
naǧiragera haké woniwąknikjaneną. Naǧiragera
your soul not it will not be unconscious.* Your soul
*there is only one other occurance of this word (in Marino) where it is defined as, "to be wicked."



Ai L Ki Ki Lo K n Ktt ne n. n xi L KL Ki liye rKe doo Ktt ne n. di Ke
hiragigorokanakjaneną. Naǧiragera gipiésge š’ųkjaneną. Žigé
it will do [much] as it pleases. Your soul happy it will be. Again



p. 19 —
Layi liAi Ki dKe. A Ktt. w KidiAi Kye Ki. w KdiAiKi dii Kette Ki.
raipįgiške, hakja wąkšigegi wąkšigi š’ikjegi,
if you choose, [also] back [as a human]* life you can become, and
*the translation has "to flesh."



doo Ktt ne n. w KdiAi K Ki A. w KdAi Kidii Ktt ne n. di Ke. ni Ke dKe.
š’ųkjaneną. Wąkšigakihą* wąkšigiš’ikjaneną. Žigé nįgéšge,
it will be. A second life you may live. [Again] or else,
*< wąkšik-hakihą. The latter means, "in succession."



A l m ni n KLe de rKe ttyi dKe w KdAi Kdii Kette Ki doo n n
hąpamąnįnągere žésge jaišge wąkšigiš’ikjegi, š’ųnaną.
ones that walk on day like [to try also] you can live, and you do.



p. 20 —
ni Ke dKe. m ne Ki w noyi tteKeyi. tt dKe. w KdiAi Kdii Kette Ki
Nįgéšge mąnegi wanoičge-į́ jaške wąkšigiš’ikjegi,
Or else on earth to live as an animal [to try also] if you can live, and



doo n n wo n xi Le Ai tee L me de rKe n.
š’ųnaną. Wonąǧire hit’era mežesgeną.
you do. War you die thus it is.



Jasper Blowsnake in Paul Radin, Notebooks (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, n.d.) Winnebago V, #12: 17-20. An English translation was published in Paul Radin, The Winnebago Tribe (Lincoln: Bison Books, 1990 [1923]) 118-125.