Fourth Universe

by One Who Wins, Bear Clan

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

There once was a man who was born among another people, and one day he "stumbled upon the warpath" (was killed in action). Since he died honorably in battle, he was able to enter the spirit village of Earthmaker. Every now and then, the man would ask Earthmaker if he could return to mortal life, but the Creator replied, "The moment is not yet right." However, after many entreaties over a period of time, Earthmaker finally asked the man where he wanted to be reborn. He replied that he wished to be among the Hocągara, for these are a holy people and their ancestors are as numberless as the stars. When the man descended to earth, he grew in the womb of a Waraxi (Potawatomi) woman, in a village of that people. where they called him "Dawn." As a boy he always visited the Winnebago village, and when he came of age, he married a Winnebago woman and lived in her village as a member of the tribe. They renamed him "Fourth Universe." Fourth Universe fasted rigorously during his vision quest, and received not only great blessings from the Nightspirits, but also knowledge of his past lives. They revealed that he had begun as a Nightspirit who lived in the sky village of the coming sun. The Nights also gave him the prophetic vision in which he saw himself as the founder of a new Winnebago lineage. And so it came to pass that Fourth Universe became the progenitor of the Black Bear Subclan.

After a fulfilling life, Fourth Universe had a vision that Earthmaker would summon him back to his lodge. So near the summer solstice, he gathered together his kinsmen, and told them that he would soon die, and that they should not mourn for him, as he would leave behind something that would benefit them. That evening he died, and they took his body to a hill, and placed it sitting upright, facing the setting sun. When the Nightspirits had walked their course, the sun rose on high to a clear day, but suddenly the sky darkened, and a terrifying thunderstorm enwrapped the earth, so that all who suffered it feared for their lives. Over the thunder and wind could be heard the clear voice of Fourth Universe: "Fear not, I but leave this earth." As the storm died down, the sun reemerged, and where the body of Fourth Universe had been, they found a tall, white flower. In this flower resides the powerful medicine of the Bear Clan, the magical force by which they master war, and convert fear itself into their ally.1

Commentary. As a reincarnated Nightspirit, Fourth Universe had the power to create plants that possessed strong medicine. This suggests that he originated as one of the Happy Nights, since it is among them that this unusual power resides.2

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