Blue (or Gray) Bear

by Richard L. Dieterle

A Gray Grizzly Bear

Blue Bear was the third of the great Spirit Bears created by Earthmaker, who gave him the nature of the east wind and set him up in that quadrant as an Island Weight to suppress the instability of his creation. Blue Bear is the spiritual original of the Mąco, or Grizzly Bear [inset].1 The fur of this Spirit Bear is made of hairs that vary in thickness and color so that he is described variously as "blue" (co) or "gray." Blue Bear has control over the days, which explains why he is sometimes described as being gray or even polychrome: for days change from sunny to stormy and many states in between, and so run the gamut of the color spectrum.

It is because of Blue Bear's power over the days that some who are blessed by him can "hold the day" and ensure good weather for sacred gatherings.2 Members of the Blue Bear Subclan, who are descended from Blue Bear, keep calendar sticks which track time, allowing them to give directions to the tribe on when planting or hunting cycles are in effect. Members of this subclan were priests who placed their altars on hills or high bluffs.3

Blue Bear led a party to the first gathering of the Hocąk clans at Red Banks. On the way, every time he passed a plant or animal that had sharp and dangerous parts, they were transformed into men who followed in his train. When he arrived at Red Banks he informed all those gathered there that his followers were to be the Soldier Clan of the Hocągara, charged by Earthmaker to ward off evil from the nation.4

It is said that when bears or Bear clansmen die, they return to the abode of Blue Bear.5

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