Blessing of the Yellow Snake Chief

This is an excerpt from an account of the Snake Feast. The narrator is unknown.

"My grandfather fasted and thirsted himself to death and he was blessed and his spirit taken to a spirit lodge. That is what happened to my grandfather, for he told me this himself. The place where he was blessed was a Red Banks at a place where a creek flows into the sea [Green Bay]. At the fork of this creek there was a hill lying east and west. It is there that the Yellow Snake-Chief lives. To the home of this snake-chief my grandfather was taken. This snake was at this place gathering tobacco for all the spirits. There my grandfather was even blessed with their bodies. For this reason I always pour tobacco for them. And I have been given to understand that the spirits do not overlook the least fault [in the performance of the Snake Feast]. They are always in our midst just as even the grass and the dust represent snakes. They know everything, they say. It is not safe to cross their path. As, however, the host is now making an offering to them, should we cross their path now it would even strengthen us. It is good. These clubs are heavy and they will not fail to strike everything within their reach. The host has asked for that power so that he might have victory."1

Commentary. "Red Banks" — this is where the Creation Council was held in which the spirits originally formed the Hocąk nation.

"Yellow Snake-Chief" — He is one of the four Snake Spirits originally created by the hand of Earthmaker and set in the east to prevent the primordial earth from tearing apart (see 1).

"at this place gathering tobacco" — there are certain places, called tanį-ostǫhira ("tobacco gathering places"), where the spirits typically receive tobacco offerings (see 1).

"blessed with their bodies" — some spirits give parts of their bodies as blessings. Waterspirits are particularly noted for this practice. These body parts are invariably used as medicines, not to exclude potions valuable in witchcraft. Snake skins were often used in connection with religious rites.

"These clubs are heavy and they will not fail to strike everything within their reach." — an obscure reference to the clubs that were said to have been made for the first four original snakes created by Earthmaker (see 1).

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