Why Dogs Sniff One Another

from the collection of W. C. McKern

Original manuscript page: | 269 |

(269) One time there was a gathering of all kinds of dogs. One of them said, "What shall we do when we get together?" Another said, "Let's play, how about a game?" So they chased each other, round and round they went. When they all came together, one, right in the center, let a fart. "Who did that?" said one. "I don't know who did it," said another. "Let's look and find out," said one, "We'll find out in a short time." From that time on, whenever you see two dogs, when they first meet, they smell each other to find out who did that. Every time you see dogs together, they do this. They are still looking for that one. They claim that they haven't found him yet.1

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1 W. C. McKern, Winnebago Notebook (Milwaukee: Milwaukee Public Museum, 1927) 269.