The Waterspirit of Green Lake

retold by Richard L. Dieterle


There lives beneath Te Co ("Green [or Blue] Lake") a great Waterspirit who rules over the lake. All those who would cross this lake must first make appropriate offerings to her. Failure to do this will cause her wrath to arise, and she will come from the bottomless depths and swirl her arms around until a great whirlpool forms, dragging everything caught in its span down into the murky deep.

So powerful and famous is she, that all Hocągara feel the obligation at some time in their lives to come to Te Co and make an offering to the Waterspirit. Special ceremonies are organized in her honor. In 1878, one of these ceremonies lasted two weeks and boasted of 500 participants. Guests entered the ceremony through two columns of warriors who stood facing each other at attention. They were dressed in their war regalia and painted themselves with such effect that they occasioned not a little fear in the uninitiated.

Because the Hocągara have faithfully worshiped her, she has helped them overcome their enemies.1

Commentary. "Te Co" — a direct translation of the Hocąk name for the lake, Te Co, where co can range in hue from green to blue.

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