The Warbundle of the Eight Generations

narrated by Y.

Our warbundle is eight generations old. In the beginning my clansmen had no warbundles. Whenever they had war, they had nothing from which to receive strength. The only powerful possession they had was fire. That was the only thing they carried when on the warpath. Soon they discovered that other clans had warbundles and that they received them by fasting for them. So Kerexų́saka started to fast for one. He fasted from early autumn until summer and he received a blessing. Then he went to his father and told him, "Father, you told me to fast. Let me now go and see with what I have been blessed." So the old man accompanied his son. When the old man got there he found a snake dried and dressed up and standing in an upright position. The snake had long hairs on its back, scattered here and there. The father on seeing it said, "My son, this is really too great. If you accept this and carry it with you on the warpath, you will not leave any human beings alive." The son therefore refused it, and went out to fast again. Then the spirits blessed him again and again he went to his father and asked to accompany him to the wilderness and see what blessings he had obtained. When they came to the wilderness, they found two wildcats (already stuffed) standing there and facing in opposite directions. Then the old man told his son again not to accept this blessing because it would be too powerful, but the young man said, "This is the last blessing that I am going to get," and accepted it.1


Radin says, "What follows was obtained at a later time from the same informant and relating to the same blessing:"

The first blessing Kerexúsaka received was from the Thunderbirds. They dropped a flute and two feathers from heaven. But these he refused. The second blessing was also from the Thunderbirds. This time they told him to go to a certain place where he could see them himself. He went there and found four men sitting there broiling meat. They gave him a piece of meat. It was only when he fasted for the fourth time that he was blessed with a warbundle.2

Commentary. "The snake had long hairs on its back, scattered here and there" — As we learn from the concluding elaboration, the blessings are from the Thunderbirds. In that context, the snake, with its unusual hairs, clearly symbolizes the lightning with its main bolt and smaller branches. The blessing, therefore, is in some ways comparable to the Thunderbird Warclub.

"too powerful" — Radin has the following note on this: "By 'too powerful' the old man means that the feasts, offerings, etc., that would be necessary for so great a blessing it would be quite beyond the means or the ability of the young man. It is to be remembered that the bestowal of a blessing does not in itself insure its efficacy, but that this can only be assured if the proper offerings and the proper emotional attitude accompany its subsequent use. Evidently the old man did not feel that the young fellow would be equal to the task. I have been told by many of the older Winnebagoes that when the old system was still intact the older people always made it a point to warn impetuous youths against taking upon themselves responsibilities that they might possibly not be able to fulfill, a very excellent device, it seems to me, for not multiplying the chances of failures and consequently the necessity of explaining them. However, one need not believe that this was the reason for their caution."3 See the Commentary to "Keramaniš’aka's Blessing."

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