Version 1.0

Completed May 20, 2013.

Version 1.1

May 22, 2013. Replaced a description of the functions of the Blue Bear Subclan in (§2) "Blue Bear — Grizzlies, Mounds, and the Priesthood," with a direct quote from the source.

Replaced a paraphrase with a direct quote from the source referenced in note 19 of (§3) "Grizzlies and the Deer's Head."

Version 1.2

May 23, 2013. Added a direct quote from Funmaker which greatly expands and clarifies the concept of the duality of the Bear Clansman's body.

Version 1.3

June 13, 2013. Additional references added to footnote 2 to (§4) "Calendar Sticks, Blue Bear, the Pleiades and Maize."