Trickster and the Honey

by Pat Smith Medina

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

Once when Trickster was walking about in the world, he came across Red Ant. Trickster said, "Red Ant, where are you going?" And Red Ant said, "I know where there is a lot of honey. There I shall go. If you will help me, I will let you have all you can eat," he said. "Ho!" said Trickster, and he thought to himself, "This one is very foolish. When I eat honey, I do not stop until it is all gone." Soon they reached the beehive there, and Red Ant said, "Trickster, all you have to do is stick your head in there, and you will find enough honey. I will be content with whatever is left. Just call for me when you have had enough," he said. "It is good," said Trickster. And Trickster ran up to the beehive and stuck his head right in. Soon he came back yelling, "Red Ant!" And he kept on running with all the bees chasing after him until he was completely out of sight. Then Red Ant went up and had all the honey he could ever want. "Trickster has been a big help indeed," he said, "and I'm sure he's had enough."1

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