The Scenting Contest (§19 of the Trickster Cycle)

translation based upon the interlinear of Oliver LaMère

Hocąk-English Syllabic Interlinear Text

(404) Then Trickster was going about there. He encountered Little Fox there. (405) He said, "Hohó, it seemed impossible to go about, but my little brother is going about here," he said. "Little brother, I am thinking of something. Let's go to the top of that hill," he said. (406) They climbed up the hill. When they got to the top, the whole surrounding country was visible. "Hąhą́, my little brother, let's play Keen Scenter here. You are always letting on to be a keen scenter. (407) I too always think of myself that way. Where there are any people nearby, we shall scent them," he said. So then they held up their noses and (408) began to smell. Little Fox was quite something. But on the other hand, Trickster was not made to be much of anything. There was absolutely no way that Trickster could do it. (409) The reason why he did it was just to observe Little Fox. Now at this place he would stop for some time. A forest lay there. He might try something there, he thought. (410) So Trickster said, "My little brother, there at that timber some are living. My younger brother, I am your equal when it comes to scenting," he said. He did not know anything, (411) but it was just because Little Fox seemed to perceive something there, and he showed it in his actions, that is why he said it. "Jáha-á! my little brother, don't you also detect something somewhere?" he asked him. (412) Also he (Little Fox) said, "I think there may be something there," he said. "Hohó, little brother, you are also one who can still scent a little," he said. (413) "Hohó, little brother, I will be going there."

Then where he meant, there he went to. When he got there, sure enough a human village was there. There he went and stayed. (414) Finally, he also got married. Then, thus it was. A long time had past. He also had a child. When they went on the fall move, he therefore went and lived alone at a certain place. (415) There, now, he would be. Now truly there he made his permanent home. He would never move back to the village. Then he finally said, "My younger brother, (416) about now I will go about visiting," he said.1

Commentary. "the fall move" — a period in October and November (Deer Paw the Earth Month, and Deer Breeding Month) when the whole tribe leaves its villages to hunt larger game.

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1 Paul Radin, The Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology (New York: Schocken Books, 1956) 40-41. The original text is "Wakdjukaga," in Paul Radin, Winnebago Notebooks, Freeman #3897 (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, ca. 1912) Winnebago V, #7: 404-416.