The Nightspirits Bless Ciwoit’éhiga

narrated by Sam Blowsnake

Sam Blowsnake

Hocąk-English Interlinear Text

Sam Blowsnake told the following story about his forefather Ciwoit’éhiga as part of the ritual of the Thunderbird Warbundle Feast.

(456/457) Those who Walk in the Night, how they placed their breath within the reach of grandfather, when Ciwoit’éhiga (Kills within the Lodge) tried to learn how to sing the songs of Those who Walk in the Night. He fasted and thirsted himself to death for what our Grandfathers spread out for him beyond the earth once they had placed it within the grasp of his consciousness. Grandfather Ciwoit’éhiga said that where he came from, he thought, he sprung from those who are of the east, she herself was a princess of the Nights. The beloved son of the Chief of the Thunderbirds was his father. Thus his parents were from beyond the earth. However, when he fasted, they blessed him carefully. Thus, he said that if at any time he should die, he would be able to visit from beyond the earth, it is said. Thus he was taught their breath, the Nightspirit song, just how they said, that way is how we will try to sing it.1

Commentary. "their breath" — a ritualistic expression meaning, "their songs."

"our Grandfathers" — this is a reference to the spirits rather than to the ancestors.

"those who are of the east" — the Nightspirits are meant — they have a village in the east.

"Chief of the Thunderbirds" — the chief of these spirits is Great Black Hawk. (The symbol of the Thunders is found in the inset to the left.)

"Thus his parents were from beyond the earth" — Radin says, "What Ciwoit’éhiga means by saying that these spirits were his parents is that he is a reincarnated spirit that has chosen to be born of human parents. Such claims were by no means rare even in late Winnebago history and there is, as a matter of fact, a powerful shaman living in Wisconsin now [ca. 1923] who claims that he is the reincarnated Hare (Wašjįgéga)." (see The Man who was a Reincarnated Thunderbird)2

"they blessed him carefully" — Radin remarks, "Before coming to the earth as a human being, he had of course been told that he would receive certain blessings, but nevertheless he had to fast for them just as a human being does. However, shamans who obtained their powers in this way were always supposed to obtain them more easily than other people."3

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