The Love Blessing

by an Anonymous Hocąk Women

"A Winnebago maiden dreamed of a mythical Dakota woman famed for her many lovers and for her great power of inspiring love. On awakening, the maiden felt herself impelled to lead the same kind of life. At once she composed this song, in which she tells another woman of the miraculous power that has come upon her. This song is only a few years old."

Love Song I

Hi-zhan ho-do-chuch-ka, Hižą́ hotuxucga, When I look upon someone,
Zhe-ske shu-nu-na; Žesgešųnųną; Thus he would be;
Hi-zhan wa-ki-t'-eh-ka, Hižą́ wakit'ega, When I myself speak to someone,
Zhe-ske shu-nu-na; Žesgešųnųną; Thus he would be;
Hi-zhan wai-zhi-zi-ka, Hižą́ waižižiga, If I whisper to someone,
Zhe-ske shu-nu-na; Žesgešųnųną; Thus he would be;
Hi-cha-ko-lo, hi-nuk lo-in-na-gle wi-do-kan-na-na; Hicakáro, hinųk roįnagre, hitukananą; Friends, I rule over those who love women;
Hi-zhan do-mai-ku-ka, Hižą́ tomaįk'oga (?), If I destroy (?) someone,
Zhe-ske shu-nu-na. Žesgešųnųną. Thus he would be.1

"In the summer of the olden time there might often be heard at eventide the call of flutes. It was the youths upon the hill-side piping love-songs. Every one may know a love-song when he hears it, for the flute-tones are long and languorous, and are filled with a soft tremor. When a maiden heard the flute-music of her lover without, she always found it necessary to leave the tipi to draw water or to visit some neighbor.

In this song the maid asks leave of her mother to go to see her uncle, but the music tells that it is really her lover to whom she is going. The old people were not often deceived when the flute-music sounded."

Love Song II

Na-ni dega-go Nani, tegago, Mother, to my uncle,
E-dja wa-de-kjela! Éja watekjera! There I shall go!2

Commentary. "a few years old" — as of 1905.

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