by Richard L. Dieterle

Loon is one of the good spirits associated with the aquatic realm. We may infer that his mother was a Waterspirit, since he addressed members of that tribe as "uncle." When Įcorúšika was captured by the Waterspirits, Loon, along with Otter, petitioned for clemency on his behalf. Because of this righteous act, Loon was allowed to leave the underworld and live on the surface of the earth.1 On another occasion, Loon and Soft Shelled Turtle were appointed as guards over the hearts of certain evil spirits which were hidden on an island in the middle of the sea. However, when the Meteor Spirit (Wojijéga) descended to take these hearts, they recognized him as their chief and gave him their cooperation.2

Another Loon Spirit once blessed a man with a purgative herb that grew out of the loon's back. Those who owned the herb were required to offer the Loon Spirit a white feather, tobacco, red feathers, and a white deerskin before they could dig the plant up.3

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