Jipson's List of Hocąk Moons

In order to keep track of time, a calendar stick, consisting of an ordinary wooden branch, on which was cut notches to represent the months or, as they called them, "moons," was used by the Indians. — Norton William Jipson (1923)

Hocąk Moon Month Comments by Jipson
Honch-we-cho-ne-ra (Hǫcwiconira), First Bear Moon January The season when young bears are born.
Honch-we-ra-gnee-ra (Hǫcwiragnira), Second Bear Moon February Second birth month of young bears.
Wa-kay-kee-xay-we-ra (Wakekixewira), Raccoon Mating Moon March This is the month in which to declare your love, as your appeal will then be irresistible.
Ho-ro-gee-nah-we-ra (Horoginawira), Fish Moon April During this month the fish congregate and travel in schools.
My-ta-woos-he-ra (Maitawushira), Earth Drying Moon May This is also called "the Digging Moon."
My-ra-oon-we-ra (Maira'ųwira), Cultivating Moon June This was the month when the Indians hoed their corn and other crops.
Wo-xooch-we-ra (Waxucwira), Corn Tasselling Moon July -
Wa-ta-jox-he-we-ra (Watajoxhiwira), Corn Popping Moon August This is the roasting ear month, the ears roasted over the camp fire making a popping sound as the kernels break from the heat.
Ho-wy-shook-we-ra (Howaišukwira), Elk Calling Moon September The elk's call for its mate can be heard. [See the next entry for an alternate name for this month.]
Ho-zaza-kay-we-ra (Hozazakewira), Bobolink's Song Moon September So called as the bobolinks song is so frequently heard. [See previous entry for an alternate name for this month.]
Cha-ay-na-xo-we-ra (Ca[m]ainaxowira) Deer Digging Moon October In this month the deer have a habit of scratching the earth with the hoof.
Cha-kee-roo-xay-we-ra (Cakiruxewira), Deer Mating Moon November -
Cha-hayo-wa-ksho-we-ra (Caheyowakšowira), Deer Antler Shedding Moon December -

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Norton William Jipson, Story of the Winnebagos (Chicago: The Chicago Historical Society, 1923) 413-414.