Ioway & Missouria Origins

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

When the Hocągara lived by Within Lake (Green Bay) the tribe was governed by a single chief, but owing to the size of the population, each band had its own chief. The overcrowding put food in short supply, so band after band moved off. Two bands moved south, but are now located in the southwest. These two bands are the Ioway and the Missouria. The band that remained behind is the Hocągara.1

Commentary. An Ioway chief gave this account of the separation from the other Siouan tribes which Dorsey mentions:

... their people said the Oto, Missouri, Omaha, and Ponca "once formed part of the Winnebago nation." According to the traditions of these tribes, at an early period they came with the Winnebago from their priscan home north of the Great Lakes, but that the Winnebago stopped on the shores of a great lake (Lake Michigan), attracted by the abundant fish.2

The idea that the Hocągara migrated across Lake Michigan from the north or east is also suggested in the story Fourth Universe.

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