Earth (Kunika, "Grandmother")

by Richard L. Dieterle

Grandmother Earth is the sister of the host of evil spirits that endanger man, although she herself is not hostile to humanity. In this respect she is very similar to the Greek goddess Gaia ("Earth"), but differs from Gaia by being portrayed as an old woman. She is also the grandmother of Hare, the greatest of the soteriological spirits.1 Her husband appears to have been Bear.2 The Medicine Rite says that tobacco first grew out of Grandmother Earth's left breast at the same time that the first maize plant grew out of her right breast.3

Earth, as one of the great spirits, is given white buckskin offerings decorated with an emblem [inset left] consisting of numerous parallel, closely packed, vertical lines that form a long shaded horizontal band.4 In the warbundle feasts, both she and the Sun are offered herbs and maple sugar.5

Ordinarily her blessings are said to be for life, but she can also bestow war powers.6

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