The Drunkard's Self-Reflections

by Stella Stacy
transcribed from an audio tape by Sheila Sigley

Hocąk - English Interlinear Text




Comparative Material.


Stories: mentioning drunkeness: Chief Wave and the Big Drunk, Soft Shelled Turtle Gets Married, Chief Wave Tries to Take the Whiskey, The Brawl in Omro, Jerrot's Temperance Pledge — A Poem, The Shawnee Prophet — What He Told the Hocągara, Version 1, Little Fox and the Ghost, Version 1, Migistéga's Death, Version 1, The Spanish Fight, Snowshoe Strings.



1 Reading by Sheila Shigley, from the audio tape in the American Philosophical Society: 10-04. Fraenkel, Gerd. Stacy, Stella. "The drunkard's self-reflections," recorded 13 July 1959, 1 .mp3; 00:01:15 - 00:02:04. Copy made by Gerd Fraenkel of an original tape held at the Archives of Languages of the World, Indiana University. This program comes from original tape 528.7. APS accession number 7260; APSdigrec_2182; Recording Number: 02; Program Number: 34.