The Boulders of Devil's Lake

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

Version 1. Devil's Lake lies not very far from the Wisconsin Dells. The shattered rocky walls of this lake, as well as the many loose boulders lying about, are said to have been the remains of a battle between the Waterspirits resident in the lake and their mortal enemies, the Thunderbirds.1 The Thunders shot these rocks and boulders from their eyes in the form of lightning.2 

One such boulder, now called "Balanced Rock," is seen in the inset at left.3

Version 2. "A quarrel once arose between the water spirits, or underwater panthers, who had a den in the depths of Devil's Lake, and the Thunderbirds. These animals were call Wakhakeera [Wakjexira], and the Thunderers were called Wakunja [Wakąja]. The great birds, flying high above the lake's surface, hurled their eggs (arrows or thunderbolts) into the waters and on the bluffs. The water monsters threw up great rocks and water-spouts from the bottom of the lake. This terrible fight continued for days. The falling eggs tore down the trees and split off great pieces of rock; and the tumbled-down and cracked, rocky surface of the surrounding bluffs stands as evidence of this great struggle.

The Thunderers were finally victorious and flew away to their homes and nests in the North. No Indian dared to approach the lake for a long time. The water spirits were not all killed and some are in Devil's Lake to this day.

It was a custom of the early Indians to make tobacco offerings to the spirits of this lake, by depositing tobacco on boulders on the shore or by strewing it on the surface of the water. The Winnebago (Hochungara) name for this lake was Tawacunchukdah [Te Wákącąkra], 'Sacred Lake'."4

Boulders on the East Bluff of Devil's Lake    Map of Devil’s Lake   Contour Map of Devil's Lake

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Map: Devil's Lake.

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