The Origin of Big Canoe's Name

J. O. Lewis
Wajᵋxetega, Big Canoe, 1825

Chah-post-ka-ka, called the Buzzard Decorah, was the second son of "Glory of the Morning." He was at LaCrosse in 1787 with his band when he was killed there. His two sons were called Big Canoe or One Eyed Decorah, and Wakun-ha-ga or Snake Skin, known as Waukon Decorah. The Winnebagoes explain the origin of Big Canoe's name by the following story:

(228) One time when the Winnebagoes were encamped on the shores of a great lake or bay, a French party visited them and asked for assistance in fighting the English. A large number of warriors responded and were transported across the water in large boats. On their arrival at their destination, they saw a large encampment of soldiers, which the Indians were informed were British prisoners. The next evening a body of English troops appeared (229) in sight and, not knowing that their comrades were prisoners, they came to re-inforce them. Hearing of the surrender, the English dropped anchor, and as it was already dark, laid off for the night. About midnight, Big Canoe with four companions suddenly snuck up to the boat in their canoes. Boarding the troop ship, the English believed they constituted a large surprise party and surrendered to them.

The red coats were taken in charge by the French, who bestowed upon the Big Canoe an officer's uniform and other tokens of their appreciation of his services. From this event, the Chieftain was given his name, Watch-hat-ta-kaw, meaning Big Canoe.1

Commentary."Chah-post-ka-ka" — this is for Cap’ósgaga, "White Breast," a clan name from the Thunderbird Clan.

"Wakun-ha-ga"this is for Wakąhaga, which does literally mean "Snake Skin." Waukon (Waką[ga]) means "Snake."

"a great lake or bay" — this is an oblique way of referring to Green Bay and Red Banks, the traditional place of Hocąk origins, in particular.

"Watch-hat-ta-ka" — for Wajᵋxetega (< Wac-xete-ga). The word wac means basically, "boat," so that wac-xete means fundamentally, "big boat." Was he called Wac-xete because he captured a big boat of English soldiers, or was it because he attacked this objective using a big boat? The former seems more likely.

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1 quoted from Norton William Jipson, Story of the Winnebagoes (Chicago: The Chicago Historical Society, 1923) 228-229. This is an unpublished typescript.