Ancient Blessing

by Mrs. Blowsnake

Paul Radin remarks, "I went out to Wakefield to see Sam & Jasper Blowsnake's grandmother about pottery but she did not know much about it. She says that clay pots were always spoken of in their myths, and that she supposed they were pots made out of clay and heated or baked hard. She also heard a story of one that was blessed."

(1) The spirits told the blessed that at a certain time he would see an Indian pail and when the time came they showed him a clay pot. And then they told him that they would show him an Indian ax, and they showed him a stone tied at the end of a split stick. Then a spoon was shown them in the form of an oyster shell with a handle put on.1

Commentary. At the top of the page is written, "Jasper Blowsnake's grandmother 90 years old."

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1 "Jasper Blowsnake's Grandmother," in Paul Radin, Winnebago Notebooks (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, n.d.) Notebook 61, page 1.